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No attendance, No Vote

Mondragón had some interesting strategies for maintaining member participation. For example, if a member doesn’t attend a general assembly meeting, they don’t get a vote at the next meeting. While this seems a bit harsh, proxy voting is allowed – one member can cast their own vote and up to . . . Read more

Foot Voting

Foot voting is the ability of people to “vote with their feet” by leaving situations they do not like or going to situations they believe to be more beneficial. This process is used in various participative formats such as barcamp or hackathon, where participants are encouraged to pick up their . . . Read more

Condorcet Vote

A Condorcet method is any election method that elects the candidate that would win by majority rule in all pairings against the other candidates, whenever one of the candidates has that property. A candidate with that property is called a Condorcet winner A Condorcet winner doesn’t always exist because majority . . . Read more