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Guerrilla Wayfinding


mounting walkable direction signs around town, under cover of darkness. Just like Guerrilla Gardening, or Park(ing) Day, Guerrilla Wayfinding is part of tactical urbanism. It consists of ordinary people putting signs with directions to special places in the city. The intention is to encourage people to walk and discover new . . . Read more

Festival As Lab

Festival As Lab and the Festival As Lab Toolkit (FALT) are a method and set of tools for developing living lab research projects and for a new kind of relationship between a festival and its partners and host city. Festival as Lab is a living lab method. A city-wide festival . . . Read more

Urbz Mashup

The URBZ MASHUP workshop facilitates creative explorations and cultural exchanges between cities and people. Dreams, myths and personal stories influence the destiny of cities as much as political choices and economic opportunities. They inspire architects and artists, stimulate activists and residents, and broaden the vision of the public and decision-makers. . . . Read more

Urban Prototyping Festival

Urban Prototyping is a global series of festivals held in cities around the world, exploring how technology, art, and design can serve as tools for civic participation. Festival can include various components such as Conference, Street Exposition, Hackathon, Makeathon, Open Call for projects, Online Challenge

Tactical Urbanism

Tactics used to improve the urban environment. These tactics tend to be replicable across cities, and in certain instances have become worldwide phenomena. Tactical urbanism interventions create a laboratory for experimentation. Case studies from across North America reveal the benefit of taking an incremental approach to the process of city . . . Read more

Jane’s Walk

Jane’s Walk celebrates the ideas and legacy of urbanist Jane Jacobs by getting people out exploring their neighbourhoods and meeting their neighbours. Free walking tours held on the first weekend of May each year are led by locals who want to create a space for residents to talk about what . . . Read more

Hundred in one day

100 in 1 day is participative urban creation festival where citizens are invited to rethink their city and transform it by taking 100+ urban acts within 1 day, in order to build a better environment for living and share. The initiative originated from Bogota (Colombia). acts seen are artistic performance, . . . Read more

Guerrilla Bike Lanes

Bicycling has only recently become a serious planning consideration, and the vast majority of American city streets remain intimidating places for cyclists, despite their growing numbers. With city planners moving slowly to adapt, cycling advocates are taking matters into their own hands, painting bike lanes, share-the-lane “sharrows,” and other signage, . . . Read more

Better Block Event

a live art installation called “the Better Block” developed to highlight a city’s restrictive zoning and ordinances that limit our ability to create a truly livable block. For two days only, a city Block change from a car-centric thoroughfare, to a people friendly environment, complete with temporary businesses like a . . . Read more