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Improv Theater

  When we adhere to the principles of improvisation, something emerges that is more intelligent and creative – and intelligently organized – than any one of us could have planned. As with any good emergence, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. By adhering to the principles, . . . Read more

Invisible theater

Invisible theatre is a form of theatrical performance (usually not improvisational) that is enacted in a place where people would not normally expect to see one (for example in the street or in a shopping centre) and often with the performers attempting to disguise the fact that it is a . . . Read more

Guerrilla theatre

Guerrilla theatre, generally rendered “guerrilla theater” in the US, is a form of guerrilla communicate originated in 1965 by the San Francisco Mime Troupe, who, in spirit of the Che Guevara writings from which the term guerrilla is taken, engaged in performances in public places committed to “revolutionary sociopolitical change.” . . . Read more