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Seed Swap

Seed swaps are great ways to learn about local seeds, build community around seed sharing, and show support for the Save Seed Sharing movement. Designed for gardening newbies and master gardeners alike, they provide people an opportunity to get seeds from other local growers and share seeds from their own . . . Read more

Pop Up Museum


The Pop Up Museum is a temporary exhibit created by the people who show up to participate. It works by choosing a theme and venue and then inviting people to bring an object on-topic to share. Participants write a label for their object and leave it on display. A Pop Up Museum . . . Read more

Free Money Day

An annual, global event to raise awareness and start conversations about the benefits of economies based on sharing, as well as offer a liberating experience to inspire more critical and creative thinking about our relationships with money and how we can have new types of economic activity. . On September . . . Read more

Online Mini Think Tank

An online meeting format for collective thinking and peer mentoring. This format is inspired by Project Kitchen Meetings, a peer mentoring round robin set up with 6 people over the course of 4 weeks with each person discussing a challenge they faced and then taking a turn to get feedback on their . . . Read more


WordCamp is a community-organized conference centered on the WordPress publishing platform. These events are organized, paid for, and attended by the local WordPress communities in accordance with guidelines published at and the principles of the WordPress Foundation. The first WordCamp was held in San Francisco in 2006, and each . . . Read more


A skillshare is the quintessential Sharing Economy creation. It’s a simple concept: people gather in a large space like a school or community center and teach each other classes on topics they’re passionate about, like salsa dancing, stock investing, and bike maintenance. Classes occur simultaneously in multiple spaces throughout the . . . Read more


ShareFests create a real life model of the sharing world and transform people through the experience. ShareFests are participatory events designed to connect the local sharing economy that range in size from intimate 20 person events hosted by community organizations like timebanks, to large three day public gatherings with over 3,000 . . . Read more

Soup Swap

A group of friends gathers for a party, each bringing several quarts of soup. One quart from each person gets heated and sampled that night (along with plenty of snacks and wine, of course). Before going home, everyone trades soups.

Wiki Wednesday

Wiki Wednesdays are held (mostly) the first Wednesday of each month People get together to chat, learn about wikis, find jobs, talk deals … Some events have featured speakers, some have a round robin of 5 minute talks, some are unstructured You RSVP and swing by if you like If . . . Read more

Women Circles Meetings

Women gather together for a variety of reasons. Support groups, ritual circles, discussion forums, gatherings that nurture creativity – all are ways in which women create community, banish isolation, and empower themselves. Women’s circles provide safe and nuturing spaces for participants to own their feelings and experiences, to take creative . . . Read more