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Protest Selfies


Selfies, photographed self-portraits, have exploded with the growth of social media. In 2013, Oxford Dictionaries named the term the Word of the Year. Hashtag activism, which gained momentum during the Occupy Wall Street movement, has also been on the rise with several recent campaigns. The combination of the two brings . . . Read more

Silent Standing Man Protest

Source: adapted from video
Licence: CC-BY-SA

A lone standing man  begun a demonstration in front of an official building and stood there silently for eight hours before being joined by hundreds of others, pioneering a new kind of pacific protest. When Turkish government attacked Gezi Park and evicted the occupiers, he issued a threat: anyone trying . . . Read more

Sex Strike

A sex strike, sometimes called a sex boycott, is a strike, a method of non-violent resistance in which one or multiple persons refrain from sex with their partner(s) to achieve certain goals. It is a form of temporary sexual abstinence. Sex strikes have been used to protest many issues, from . . . Read more

Protest by bitcoin payment

In Bitcoin, anyone can transfer money into a public bitcoin address, and when you transfer, you can post a message thatÔÇÖs as public as the transact. Transfering micropayment to a bitcoin account can be used a way to send protest message. After the FBI took down the Silk Road, Reddit . . . Read more

Nude Protests

Nudity is sometimes used as a tactic during a protest to attract public attention to a cause. The use of the tactic goes back to the Doukhobor social movement in 1914. The tactic has been used by other groups later in the century, especially after the 1960s. Like public nudity . . . Read more

Million Mask March

Global event with demonstrates in more than 400 cities were planned to coincide with Guy Fawkes Day,

Mic Check Protest

US Politician Karl Rove forced to talk to demonstrators after Mic Check Protest

Source: Adapted from
Licence: CC--BY-SA

Use of the human microphone technique by protestors to interrupt and talk over a speaker during a conference or similar event. The human microphone consist to have a message of a speaker amplified by the crowd.

Femen Topless Protests

topless protests organized by women activists to get media exposure. Topless nudity is used to get video and photo coverage and activist generally paint message on their body to convey their message in the media.

Cyclist flash mobs / Critical Mass (cycling)

A large group of cyclist gather in a public space. There are different flavours of cyclist Flash mob, in one of the the “critical mass” cyclists can use their critical mass to slow down or block traffic. this has been used in reclaim the streets parties to start occupying public . . . Read more


traditional demonstrates calling attention to a breach of community standards in the village or neighbourhood by making noise banging on pots and pans