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Yes, and…

Simple technique for discussion, Used a lot in improv, Instead of saying “yes but…” say “yes and…” This creates a different dynamic in the conversation. Brings a more positive attitude, Brings ideas to the conversation, Makes improvements, solves problems, vs creating new problems “Yes, and…” makes me stop and think . . . Read more


Trampoline is an unconference event where participants come and share what they find amazing. Trampoline is a self-organising event for those who find the world interesting, have something to offer and share, and have an inquisitive mind. Attendees are expected to come along with participation in mind and share what . . . Read more

Positive Suprise Report

After an event, report the positive and unexpected outcomes seen to highligh all the good thing that came out of it

Hold Up

Hold Ups were invented and are organised by MakeSense.Org They have designed a serious game method to mobilize 12 volunteers to solve the challenge of a social entrepreneur in two hours crafting different scenarios..