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Quiet Party

Quiet Parties (also known as Silent Parties and as Silent Dating parties) are nightclub events where participants socialize by writing notes to each other instead of speaking. The single rule at these events is “no talking.” This format creates a very different kind of interaction, although not necessarily always an . . . Read more

Silent disco

Silent disco has become a common name for a disco where people dance to music listened to on wireless headphones. Rather than using a speaker system, music is broadcast via a radio transmitter with the signal being picked up by wireless headphone receivers worn by the participants. Those without the . . . Read more

The 24-hours of Horseshoe Hell

A non stop 24 hours events betwen sport (climbing) & party. Participants have to climb as many routes as possible for 24 hours. Howver everyone is free to choose their level of difficulty, when to start and when to stop and it’s more of a play time than a competition. . . . Read more

Super Happy Block party

Super Happy Block party is a street festival model for innovate. It cultivates the convening potential of a community in any city or town to come together and become more innovative and creative. innovate communities are strengthened as technologists and creatives connect with other technologists and creatives. Magic happens when . . . Read more

Free Party

A free party is a party “free” from the restrictions of the legal club scene, similar to the free festival movement. It typically involves a sound system playing electronic dance music from late at night until the time when the organisers decide to go home. A free party can be . . . Read more