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Protest Selfies


Selfies, photographed self-portraits, have exploded with the growth of social media. In 2013, Oxford Dictionaries named the term the Word of the Year. Hashtag activism, which gained momentum during the Occupy Wall Street movement, has also been on the rise with several recent campaigns. The combination of the two brings . . . Read more


A collaborative format for efficient online meeting inspired by the Pomodoro technique. Format: invite everyone by announcing the meeting format (45 minutes interaction, 10 min break, 45 minutes interaction) and set up a pad for collaborative writing where people can co-create the list of topics for the meeting you can . . . Read more

Internal Weather Check-In

Internal Weather Check-In is a simple check-in to start a meeting and get focussed as a group. At the start of a meeting, every participant is asked how he feels and feel, and express that as weather (sunny, cloudy, …) How people are feeling can actually be¬†essential¬†information for conducting a . . . Read more

Online Mini Think Tank

An online meeting format for collective thinking and peer mentoring. This format is inspired by Project Kitchen Meetings, a peer mentoring round robin set up with 6 people over the course of 4 weeks with each person discussing a challenge they faced and then taking a turn to get feedback on their . . . Read more

Flashmeeting Videoconference Software

Flashmeeting is videoconference software that allow several participants to discuss with audio and video capabilities. However compared to other videoconference or videochats tools, it has several characteristics that shape the group interactions: only one person can speak at a time and participants have to queue before the can speak, therefore . . . Read more

Weather Check-in

An online icebreaker where participants to an online meeting tell others about the weather in their location. This simple act help to give a context and start bonding in an online. Works particularly well when participants are in remote places very different from each other.   Related: Check-in, Internal Weather . . . Read more

Virtual Beverage De-siloization Hack

A three people online meeting to share a drink and chat. Can be used on any large social platform/online community. Pick two people whom you don’t know there and whom you find interesting.Use the platform to publicly call them out and invite them to a virtual coffee using the platform . . . Read more


twangout integrates live video stream and twitter questions

Interactive online discussion between a distributed audience and a guest speaker. A Twangout integrates the dialogue of Twitter with the live video stream from Google Hangout. While the audience questions are on Twitter (using a hashtag for the event), the answers are given through a live video where the moderator . . . Read more


Simply, a projection of live tweets during a conference or gathering. It can be used to create more interact and feedback from both a group in the same physical space and people following from a distance.

Thunderclap campaign

Thunderclap is the a crowd-speaking platform that helps people be heard online by saying something together. If enough people support a campaign, Thunderclap will blast out a timed Facebook Post or Tweet from all the campaign’s supporters, creating a wave of attention.