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Dialogue Mapping

Dialogue Mapping is a radically inclusive facilitation process that creates a diagram or ‘map’ that captures and connects participants’ comments as a meeting conversation unfolds. It is especially effective with highly complex or “Wicked” problems that are wrought with both social and technical complexity, as well as a sometimes maddening . . . Read more

Stakeholder Mapping

Beyond the processes and technologies, at the heart of it, collaboration is made possible by how we see people, how we treat them and how we involve them in an initiative. Collaboration is more productive when we have diversity of ideas and perspectives. To achieve inclusiveness and diversity, we must . . . Read more


An edit-a-thon in São Paulo, Brazil, aimed at creating and improving Wikipedia articles relating to feminism, women rights and notable women.

In the online communities of projects such as Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap, an edit-a-thon (sometimes written editathon) is an event where editors get together to edit and improve a specific topic or type of content, typically including basic editing training for new editors. The word is a portmanteau of “edit” and . . . Read more

Urban Accessibility Mapping Party

A mapping party aiming to document areas that can be accessed by disabled people. This is usually done on Open street Map, but there are also some proprietary mobile apps that are sometimes used. This is a kind of counter mapping whereby a social problem is made visible in order . . . Read more

Couter-Mapping Party

Counter-mapping refers to efforts to map “against dominant power structures, to further seemingly progressive goals”. Mapping parties are efforts to map together in a convivial event. The term Counter-mapping was coined by Nancy Peluso in 1995 to describe the commissioning of maps by forest users in Kalimantan, Indonesia, as a . . . Read more

Mapping Parties

OpenStreetMap is only as good as the contributions of the people who edit it. To encourage and help people to edit, OpenStreetMap enthusiasts can run Mapping Parties. Mapping Parties come in many flavours, but generally the idea is to get together to do some mapping, socialise, and chat about making . . . Read more

Story map

A story map is a visual depiction of the settings or the sequence of major events and acts of story characters. This procedure enables participants to relate story events and to perceive structure in literary selections. By share personal interpretations of stories through illustrations, participants increase their understanding and appreciation . . . Read more


A sprint is a get-together of people involved in a project to give a focused development on the project. Sprints are typically two to seven days long. Sprints have become popular events among some Open Source projects. For example, the PyPy project is mostly developed during regularly held sprints where . . . Read more

Share Cities Map Jam

A map jam is an easy to organize distributed event where a relatively small, dedicated group of people get together for a brief period, say three hours, to map as many share services in their city or town as possible. Like a musical jam, it should be play, social, and . . . Read more

Open Data Day

Open Data Day is a gathering of citizens in cities around the world to write applications, liberate data, create visualizations and publish analyses using open public data to show support for and encourage the adoption of open data policies by the world’s local, regional and national governments. The events are . . . Read more