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Art Hack Day

An event for hacker whose medium us art and artists whose medium is technology. Sixty artists-hackers and hacker-artists inhabit an art space to create an exhibit from scratch during 48h. It starts on a Thursday evening with a meet & greet and provide good food, fast Internet, and equipment for . . . Read more


A creativity method inspired by brainstorming but focussed on action and making. Building prototypes is one of the pillars of this creative method.     Related: Brainstorming, Brainwriting, Brainsketching, Bodystorming, Makestorming, Dreamstorming, Gamestorming, Artstorming, Rolestorming


Tequio is a very popular type of work for collective benefit in the Zapotec culture. Community members contribute materials or labor to carry out construction work for the community. This could take the form of a school, a well, or a road. An individual can never be the sole beneficiary . . . Read more


Teleworking in the spirit of coworking and (re)learning collaborative modes of consumption through practice and travel. CoWoSlowTourism is a mix between holiday and work, travelling and taking time to stay in local places. Work and play have never really gone together, yet nothing is more sustainable than acting willingly rather than . . . Read more


Hackfit is a fitness-infused startup competition for innovative thinkers passionate about healthy living. Following the traditional three-day hackathon formula, Hackfit ups the ante with camaraderie-building fitness challenges, rockstar mentorship, and superfoods – challenging teams to create the future of health, fitness, and sport technology. Hackfit is built on the ethos . . . Read more


Crafternoon is a monthly craft salon where a diverse group of crafters attend each month to create various projects in a friendly environment.


Playshops are fun version of workshop where participants learn or work in a relaxed and light-hearted atmosphere. The playful atmosphere allows for personal exploration in a safe environment where mistakes are ok.  

Arduino Day

Arduino Day  is a worldwide celebration of Arduino’s first 10 years. It’s 24 hours full of events – both official and independent, anywhere around the world – where people interested in Arduino can meet, share their experiences, and learn more. Arduino invites Arduino user groups, makerspaces, hackerspaces, fablabs, associations, studios, educators, . . . Read more


A sprint is a get-together of people involved in a project to give a focused development on the project. Sprints are typically two to seven days long. Sprints have become popular events among some Open Source projects. For example, the PyPy project is mostly developed during regularly held sprints where . . . Read more

Public Domain Remix

The Public Domain Remix is a partnership challenge run by the Open Knowledge Foundation France and Wikimedia France, aimed at encouraging people to remix public domain works in a creative way. The challenge specifically seeks to promote the use and reuse of public domain works through an interdisciplinary and transmedial . . . Read more