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The Marshmallow Challenge


The Marshmallow Challenge is a remarkably fun and instructive design exercise that encourages teams to experience simple but profound lessons in collaboration, innovation and creativity. The task is simple: in eighteen minutes, teams must build the tallest free-standing structure out of 20 sticks of spaghetti, one yard of tape, one . . . Read more

Pop Up Museum


The Pop Up Museum is a temporary exhibit created by the people who show up to participate. It works by choosing a theme and venue and then inviting people to bring an object on-topic to share. Participants write a label for their object and leave it on display. A Pop Up Museum . . . Read more

Online Mini Think Tank

An online meeting format for collective thinking and peer mentoring. This format is inspired by Project Kitchen Meetings, a peer mentoring round robin set up with 6 people over the course of 4 weeks with each person discussing a challenge they faced and then taking a turn to get feedback on their . . . Read more


WordCamp is a community-organized conference centered on the WordPress publishing platform. These events are organized, paid for, and attended by the local WordPress communities in accordance with guidelines published at and the principles of the WordPress Foundation. The first WordCamp was held in San Francisco in 2006, and each . . . Read more


A skillshare is the quintessential Sharing Economy creation. It’s a simple concept: people gather in a large space like a school or community center and teach each other classes on topics they’re passionate about, like salsa dancing, stock investing, and bike maintenance. Classes occur simultaneously in multiple spaces throughout the . . . Read more


Teleworking in the spirit of coworking and (re)learning collaborative modes of consumption through practice and travel. CoWoSlowTourism is a mix between holiday and work, travelling and taking time to stay in local places. Work and play have never really gone together, yet nothing is more sustainable than acting willingly rather than . . . Read more


A reinvention of holidays, transforming it from “a way to disconnect from everything” into a way of connecting with others, doing actions, learning, etc. The format under this name has been pioneered by 15M participants who toured the country performing actions, assemblies and meetings through the towns and cities and . . . Read more


Chavrusa,  is a traditional rabbinic approach to Talmudic study in which a pair of students analyze, discuss, and debate a shared text. Unlike a teacher-student relationship, in which the student memorizes and repeats the material back in tests, chavrusa-style learning puts each student in the position of analyzing the text, . . . Read more


Playshops are fun version of workshop where participants learn or work in a relaxed and light-hearted atmosphere. The playful atmosphere allows for personal exploration in a safe environment where mistakes are ok.  

Wiki Stage

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A TED-like event where inspiring speakers talk on Knowledge, Art, Culture in front of an audience for 6 or 12 minutes. Each organiser captures the short talks on film and contributes to a free (as in free beer or free speech?) video library of knowledge, art and culture. The expert . . . Read more