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Five minute favor

you are ultimately happier and more successful when you give without expecting a quid pro quo. You are paying it forward. Since behavior is contagious to the third degree, you aren’t simply helping others, in high-impact, five focused minutes of giving. You are also supporting the emotional spread of this . . . Read more


A potlatch is a give-giving festival and primary economic system practiced by indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest Coast of Canada and United States. A potlatch was held on the occasion of births, deaths, adoptions, weddings, and other major events. Typically the potlatch was practiced more in the winter seasons . . . Read more

Pay it Forward Day

Inspired by the movie ‘Pay it Forward’ starring Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt, Pay it Forward Day involves people performing random acts of kindness for others without expecting anything in return. Instead, recipients are instructed to ‘pay the kindness forward’ to others in need, essentially creating a positive ripple effect of giving.   Related: Gift Circle, Give for Strangers, Gratiferia, Potlach, ShareFest, Festival . . . Read more

Gratiferia / Really Really Free Market


A Gratiferia or Really Really Free Market  is a community gathering where participants give away usable items, skills, food, entertainment, games and many others things that a community can come together and share.

Gift Circle

In brief, 10 or 15 people gather in a circle. No one occupies a privileged position – it is a true circle. Participants take turns naming something they would like to give (anyone in the circle can say, “I would like to receive that,” or “I know someone who needs . . . Read more

Gives for Strangers

a worldwide annual day to spread kindness and goodwill around the world. Because one little act of kindness can inspire others to act, and change the very way someone sees the world make or buy cheap gives, specifically items which you think would make someone smile. It could be something you create, . . . Read more