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Internal Weather Check-In

Internal Weather Check-In is a simple check-in to start a meeting and get focussed as a group. At the start of a meeting, every participant is asked how he feels and feel, and express that as weather (sunny, cloudy, …) How people are feeling can actually be essential information for conducting a . . . Read more

Weather Check-in

An online icebreaker where participants to an online meeting tell others about the weather in their location. This simple act help to give a context and start bonding in an online. Works particularly well when participants are in remote places very different from each other.   Related: Check-in, Internal Weather . . . Read more

Enormous Group Warm Up

a simple energiser for an enormous group – can work with over 100 people or even 500, including when participants are sitting in seat rows in a fixed lecture theatre. The key to this activity is simplicity. There’s an almost archetypal thing that a lot of people do when they . . . Read more

Check In / Check Out

The greater clarity we have about the purpose and intention of the overall work and the process we are choosing to use, the greater the likelihood of crafting a question that does exactly the work we intend it to do. Check-in and check-out processes are used very intentionally and in . . . Read more