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Seed Swap

Seed swaps are great ways to learn about local seeds, build community around seed sharing, and show support for the Save Seed Sharing movement. Designed for gardening newbies and master gardeners alike, they provide people an opportunity to get seeds from other local growers and share seeds from their own . . . Read more

Weed Dating


Think speed dating but instead of sitting across from each other at tables, you meet each other in bed — a garden bed, that is. Lines of men and women face each other across a row of vegetables in need of some TLC. They weed and get to know each other. . . . Read more

Guerrilla grafting

guerilla grafting

A variant of guerilla gardening where  groups of Guerrilla Grafters secretly graft fruit-bearing scions onto ornamental, non-fruiting trees in street of cities. The streets of many cities are lined with pear, plum and apple trees, but out of fear that the fruit would make a mess and attract rodents, the . . . Read more


Licence: ?

Design and implementation of a permaculture site usually in short time an involving many participants. Typically a teacher uses this as an opportunity to give students hands on practice while using the manpower and creativity to quickly convert a site to a permaculture garden

International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day

May 1 is a day when guerrilla gardeners around the world plant sunflowers in their neighborhoods, typically in neglected public places such as tree pits, shabby flower beds and bare roadside verges.[5] It has taken place since 2007, and was conceived by guerrilla gardeners in Brussels,[6] (who go by the . . . Read more

Guerilla Gardening #Ops

Guerrilla gardening is gardening on land that the gardeners do not have legal right to use, often an abandoned site or area not cared for by anyone. It encompasses a very diverse range of people and motivations, from the enthusiastic gardener who spills over their legal boundaries to the highly . . . Read more