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Crossed Pair Interviews

To start a meeting in medium to large size groups, crossed-paired interviews can be a powerful way to check-in, break the ice and energize participants. In Crossed Pair Interviews, participants are standing in a large room where they can move freely and have to  find a conversation partner while a facilitator . . . Read more

Powerful transformative questions

In Art of Hosting, developing powerful questions is a crucial element to creating the conversational space we are seeking. Sometimes a question can change our lives by creating the conditions to alter our worldview. Kathy Jourdain, Art of Hosting practitioner says  there are three dimensions to questions to pay attention to: scope . . . Read more


There are times when people’s energy is low during workshops, particularly after a long lecture or after a break. After lunch time workshop participants tend to be tired while they are still digesting. “Energizers” are fast and play ways to : Get people laughing Put people at ease Get participants . . . Read more

Enormous Group Warm Up

a simple energiser for an enormous group – can work with over 100 people or even 500, including when participants are sitting in seat rows in a fixed lecture theatre. The key to this activity is simplicity. There’s an almost archetypal thing that a lot of people do when they . . . Read more