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In the ancient Nordic societies, things were community gatherings where issues and matters of concern were publicly discussed. Thinging entails the creation of “socio-material ‘collectives of humans and non-humans’ through whom matters of concern or controversies are handled” (Björgvisson et al 2012). Fabriken, a co-creative place from Malmo, is using . . . Read more

Talk to Me Bubbles

A simple technique to facilitate meaningful conservations between participants in an events by making it easy to visualize participants interests. While some online system of tag like seat&meet or #mousTIC can do the trick, this low tech version works everywhere. Initially the paper bubbles were stucked on laptops, but it . . . Read more

Click, UnClick, Rewind

Small procedure for discussions. Click: “simple and stupid, therefore effective” – if you don’t understand something say “click” to step out of your role, ask for an explanation, then say “unclick” (ie. interrupt and “return from interrupt”). When coaching in pairs, coaches can “click” to ask what the other coach . . . Read more

Citizen Deliberative Councils

Citizen Deliberative Councils (CDCs) are temporary, face-to-face councils of a dozen or more citizens whose diversity reflects the diversity of their community, state or country. Usually council members are selected at random, often with additional criteria to ensure gender, racial, socioeconomic and other diversity. These diverse ordinary citizens convene for . . . Read more