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A reinvention of holidays, transforming it from “a way to disconnect from everything” into a way of connecting with others, doing actions, learning, etc. The format under this name has been pioneered by 15M participants who toured the country performing actions, assemblies and meetings through the towns and cities and . . . Read more

Collective Story Harvest

A Collective Story Harvest enables us to deeply connect with and learn from the experience in our community, team or organization. A number of stories are shared in small groups and we work with a set of specific themes to harvest each story. Each of the participants either harvests one . . . Read more

Check In / Check Out

The greater clarity we have about the purpose and intention of the overall work and the process we are choosing to use, the greater the likelihood of crafting a question that does exactly the work we intend it to do. Check-in and check-out processes are used very intentionally and in . . . Read more