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World café

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World café is a process designed to make visible and audible the intelligence of a living human system. A knowledge café or World Café is a type of business meeting or organisational workshop which aims to provide an open and creative conversation on a topic of mutual interest to surface . . . Read more

Seeks Solutions Conferences

a scientific conference turned upside down and focussing on challenges yet unsolved. It uses a four-step process: call for problems, formulate selected problems, disseminate to a wider community, seeking solutions events where people meet in real life for a full day collaboration session on solve.

Project Kitchen Meetings

An online meeting format for collective thinking and peer mentoring. Every week for four weeks, six social entrepreneurs from all over the world connected online spent 90 minutes together discussing their projects. Each week, three people would present, and the others would listen and provide feedback. Presentations are 30 minutes . . . Read more

International Society for the Systems Sciences Annual Conference.

A conference using several format to enhance collective-intelligence, including morning session to wake up bodies, mind and soul (yoga, mediation, exercices, …), art inspiration, plenary sessions, special interest group sessions, market places, workshops, evening reflections and events.


Centisophia is a follow up event for Centifolia. If Centifolia, was more about talking, Centisophia is about doing. Centifolia had open doors for everyone, Centisophia will require candidates to apply for their participation to attract motivated people and make sure that everyone has a clear understanding about the objectives of . . . Read more

Changemaker Bootcamp

Changemaker Bootcamp is a space for changemakers in the San Francisco Bay Area — people trying to make positive change in their companies, communities, and the world — to practice the skills they need to work effectively in groups. It consists of six weekly two-hour sessions. Each bootcamp is limited . . . Read more


Centifolia is a co-creative event gathering players in the perfumes & cosmetics industry. It uses various formats and tools in order to increase participants collective-intelligence (TED like conference, world cafe, circles, delicious meals and artistic performances, online space…) It aims to leave attendees with thriving ideas, innovative concepts, new connections, . . . Read more

6 Agreements

A meeting format for collective-intelligence, the 6 Agreements serve as a social architecture to invite wisdom through dialog and conversation.