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Indies First

An event around indies books to skip the frenzy of shopping malls and have people buy books directly from the people who author them. The idea is something like a farmer’s market — where the farmer might place his own rutabagas directly into your hands while offering suggestions about how . . . Read more


A Book Sprint brings together a group to produce a book in 3-5 days. There is no pre-produce and the group is guided by a facilitator from zero to published book. The books produced are high quality content and are made available immediately at the end of the sprint via . . . Read more

BookCrossing flashmob

The BookCrossing principle is to label the book and drop it in a public space, and go away so the next person just finds a book. The book’s travel can be followed via the website that provide label. A bookcrossing flash mob is a large scale gathering of Bookcrossers . . . Read more