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Satir Temperature Reading

Temperature Readings can facilitate congruent communication and assists individuals in becoming more open. Temperature readings work well for • Discussing that which is human in all of us and hardly ever gets talked about directly • Making human contact with (new) members in a group • Facilitating connection and bonding . . . Read more

Constructive Feedback

People need feedback to get better at their work. But, all too often, feedback misses the mark because it’s too vague to be useful. Constructive feedback is information-specific, issue-focused, and based on observations. It can be described through 8 principles : 1. Feedback is given on observable behaviors, which that . . . Read more

Bohmian Dialogue

Bohmian Dialogue (also known as Bohm Dialogue or “Dialogue in the Spirit of David Bohm”) is a freely-flowing group conversation in which participants attempt to reach a common understanding, experiencing everyone’s point of view fully, equally and nonjudgementally. This can lead to new and deeper understanding. The purpose is to . . . Read more

Dialogue Mapping

Dialogue Mapping is a radically inclusive facilitation process that creates a diagram or ‘map’ that captures and connects participants’ comments as a meeting conversation unfolds. It is especially effective with highly complex or “Wicked” problems that are wrought with both social and technical complexity, as well as a sometimes maddening . . . Read more

Internal Weather Check-In

Internal Weather Check-In is a simple check-in to start a meeting and get focussed as a group. At the start of a meeting, every participant is asked how he feels and feel, and express that as weather (sunny, cloudy, …) How people are feeling can actually be essential information for conducting a . . . Read more

Stakeholder Mapping

Beyond the processes and technologies, at the heart of it, collaboration is made possible by how we see people, how we treat them and how we involve them in an initiative. Collaboration is more productive when we have diversity of ideas and perspectives. To achieve inclusiveness and diversity, we must . . . Read more

Chaordic Stepping Stones

The chaordic path is the path that walks between chaos and order. Too much chaos results in wasted energy and little progress. Too much order can stifle creativity and a nimble responsiveness to dynamic situations or opportunities. When we don’t know or are not sure where we are going, or . . . Read more


This is an interactive whole group exercise that helps highlight the range of perspectives in a group. There is a tape on the floor with agree at one and disagree at the other: agree |—————–|—————–| disagree. The moderator asks a somewhat controversial question and directs participants to take a stand . . . Read more

Open Question Circles

A simple, powerful process  to help us realize our own deepest needs and values regarding a group, organization, community or activity that’s important to us — and to discover needs and values that are shared by others and held in common. These realizations can open doors to richer relationships, insights and . . . Read more

Future Search

Future Search is the name for a 3-day planning meeting that enables people to cooperate in complex situations, including those of high conflict and uncertainty. The method typically involves groups of 40 to 80 people in one room and as many as 300 in parallel conferences. People from diverse backgrounds use . . . Read more