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At the moment, the Yes Lab is mainly a series of brainstorms and trainings to help activist groups carry out media-getting creative acts, focused on their own campaign goals. It’s a way for social justice organizations to take advantage of all that we Yes Men have learned. General content includes:

Presentation of “laughtivism”: developing effective, mediagenic activist projects around the issue at hand
Brainstorming out numerous project ideas, evaluating the options, and choosing the best one
Fleshing out chosen project(s) fully, and developing a complete act plan with timelines, deadlines, and chains of responsibility
Trainings as needed, with the Yes Men and external trainers, to cover media handling, improv, writing, video editing, etc.
map out teams and determining additional staffing needs (which can come from the Yes Men’s network if necessary)
Bicycle, kayak, or hang-gliding tours of relevant local areas—or other play activities of some relevance

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