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Wiki Stage

A TED-like event where inspiring speakers talk on Knowledge, Art, Culture in front of an audience for 6 or 12 minutes. Each organiser captures the short talks on film and contributes to a free (as in free beer or free speech?) video library of knowledge, art and culture.

The expert speeches at WikiStage events are called WikiTalks. They are at the very heart of WikiStage. A speaker enjoys the audience’s uninterrupted attention for 3, 6 or 12 minutes to address one specific question. The main objective of WikiStage is to create a video library of questions. Where Wikipedia has articles, WikiStage has WikiTalks.

By filming experts and artists on stage, WikiStage event organisers produce the video content for www.wikistage.orgEach event organiser is independent and operates under a specific license.  There are the different size and lenght of wikistages: big WikiStage Conferences, smaller WikiStage Sessions and WikiStage Studios.

No WikiStage event should be without music.


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