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A reinvention of holidays, transforming it from “a way to disconnect from everything” into a way of connecting with others, doing actions, learning, etc.

The format under this name has been pioneered by 15M participants who toured the country performing actions, assemblies and meetings through the towns and cities and adding people along the way.

“We are organizing a trip to through Spain in cars and vans during the month of August. A living, learning and enjoyment experience among diverse people, known and unknown. Inspired by the spirit of Puerta del Sol and “La Barraca” from Lorca, we want to go through the villages learning and sharing what we have lived in Sol.

When thinking of holidays we usually say “I need to disconnect” as unplugging us from some kind of mechanics of everyday life, “turn off the machine” that connects us to productivity but often disconnects us from life. The 15M allows us to question this standardised fact and think about other ways of holidays. We wish it would serve to “connect”: to connect with life, with others and with oneself.
Enjoy the human connection we have lived in Sol with strangers and diverse people. We imagine a holiday in which we use human skills to make nice things, and we think that this is possible and infinite if we do among many people.”


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