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Trampoline is an unconference event where participants come and share what they find amazing.

Trampoline is a self-organising event for those who find the world interesting, have something to offer and share, and have an inquisitive mind.

Attendees are expected to come along with participation in mind and share what they find amazing to an audience that is up for cross disciplinary discussion.

The goal is to cover subjects that will be appealing across different disciplines. Technical or business-focused, environmental or social, new or old, complex or simple‚ as long as the ideas are interesting and you find them amazing, they’ll fit right in.

The day at Trampoline is filled with sessions offered by attendees on the day – nothing is given priority, nothing is locked in before we start. Each session is 20 minutes long, and is focused on share something that the presenter finds amazing. Sometimes they can be talks, or group discussions, or tutorials. You can structure your session how you wish.

There’s no expectation that those speaking are experts (though a little knowledge usually helps). Participation is key.

At any given point, there will be four or five sessions happening – so you can either choose one discussion, or wander between a few – there’s no expectation to stay put.

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