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In the ancient Nordic societies, things were community gatherings where issues and matters of concern were publicly discussed. Thinging entails the creation of “socio-material ‘collectives of humans and non-humans’ through whom matters of
concern or controversies are handled” (Björgvisson et al 2012). Fabriken, a co-creative place from Malmo, is using this pattern as an inspiration for their place developping the concept of “Thingin”. In the case of Fabriken this has meant a radical shift in the role of initial stakeholders: instead of trying to define what Fabriken was in advance, even through a participatory process, they have tried to come to the public with an underdefined space and encourage other actors to appropriate and design it according to contingencies and aspirations. Instead of aiming at having a fully playctioning maker-space, which could be easily done by taking formats, which have been already developed around the globe, thry tried to ask questions about what a maker-space could be, and specifically how it could open produce in the city of Malmö.

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