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The 24-hours of Horseshoe Hell

A non stop 24 hours events betwen sport (climbing) & party. Participants have to climb as many routes as possible for 24 hours. Howver everyone is free to choose their level of difficulty, when to start and when to stop and it’s more of a play time than a competition. Participants are dresses up (some are dressed like bank robbers, bikers, presidents, and doctors, others dressed like it was Burning Man – most are sporting some crazy haircut or another). There’s a free yoga class there’s a huge pasta dinner, there’s the awards ceremony, there’s a zip line to huck, a slide show to attend, and a lot of alcohol to consume.

Mostly it’s all about the partnerships. Not just with your own partner, but with others as well. To climb for 24 hours means being flexible, friendly, and kind, it also means rising to the occasion, digging deep and doing something you didn’t think you could do before you started.

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