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SuperHeroes is really a fantasy-based version of RoleStorming, similar to other boundary-stretching techniques such as Exaggeration and Reversals and is a form of Excursions. Participants pretend to be a fictional (or real) super-hero (Superman, the Incredible Hulk, Batman, James Bond, Wonder Woman, Sherlock Holmes, Spiderman, etc.) and use their ‘super’ characteristics to trigger ideas.
This technique is good for creating an atmosphere of light-hearted play in which energy is high and fantasy and metaphor are acceptable. All ‘uper-heroes’ have skills and capacities that are outside ‘normal’ behaviour, this means that
(a) people tend to think outside of the norm and
(b) having a role allows people to express more unusual ideas that they might not normally express.
Super-hero stories also have strong elements of wish-fulfilment, and can therefore help people to express wishes
It may be less suitable for very ‘serious’ or introverted groups, or low trust conditions, where RoleStorming would be more suitable.

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