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ShareFests create a real life model of the sharing world and transform people through the experience.

ShareFests are participatory events designed to connect the local sharing economy that range in size from intimate 20 person events hosted by community organizations like timebanks, to large three day public gatherings with over 3,000 people!  A ShareFest can be a powerful way to kickstart the sharing movement in your city,

hat can a ShareFest include? It’s up to your community to design it with local flavor.

  • Your event can provide open space for visioning, brainstorming, and planning to collaboratively create a city with shared food, housing, work, finance, health, art, transportation, energy and more.

  • It should highlight existing sharing projects, organizations, businesses and government agencies in your community,

  • Ask organizations to host workshops on relevant topics like: creative reuse and repair, how to start a housing/food/worker co-op or a coworking space, resource sharing (tool libraries, seed banks, car sharing, etc.), community currencies, co-operative childcare, urban fruit gleaning, soft skills of sharing and more!
  • In addition to education, ShareFests usually have an experiential component that engages attendees as participants in its co-creation like: a pop-up repair cafe, bike kitchen, trash to treasure art creation station, swap-o-rama-rama (pictured at right) or ‘really really free market,’ open space for skillshares, gift circle, potluck with recipe exchange, or speed dating to match-make for coops.
  • You can invite the public to participate in a creative “Ignite Sharing” session, vote on the best projects for your community and maybe even give them a jumpstart using the Sunday Soup crowdfunding model.

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