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Moving Debate

A dynamic and informal discussion and debate format. Participants are standing in a large room. A facilitator tell them a story they can relate to. The facilitator then ask a polarizing question to the group. One side of the room is for participants who agree, one side is for participants who disagree. Participants can move freely accross the room at any time.

Taking turns, each side can then speak and argue why they agree or disagree. Participants move freely to one side or the other if they are convinced. A facilitator ensure each side take turn to speak and argue.

This format is interesting for several reasons:
it’s a very informal setting and can be used as an icebreaker
this informal setting make it easier to discuss difficult topics
people who find it difficult to talk can still express an opinion just by taking side
even if talking time is limited people can express themselves throughout the discussion
the polarizing questions are designed not necessarily to reach a definitive answer but to provoke discussion and get different views
it’s easy to see which arguments work to convince people
this format accomodate easily large crowds (might need a microphone for very large crowds)

The debate can go on on one questions or the facilitor might resume the storytelling to ask another polarizing question, and take the discussion further.

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