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Minka or Mink’a (Quechua), hispanicized Minca or Minga is a type of traditional communal work in the Andes in favor of the whole community

The common objective is always more important than any individual benefit. Collaboration trumps competition. In effect, it’s 100% reminiscent of crowdsourcing or a commons-based economy.

All over the world there are equivalent concept of community work, see related formats.

Applied to groups design, it is about gathering to work together and produce common goods or resources (released under open source licence).

It’s no coincidence that Cultura Senda, a collective for the promotion of networked cultures, has held workshops in Quito called “Open Minga”. Minga, according to Cultura Senda’s own description, “implies the challenge of overcoming selfishness, narcissism, mistrust, prejudice and jealousy; the misfortunes that regularly allay collective work and social mobilization.” In fact, “it implies learning to listen and to comply, while making proposals”.


Author: W. Daza Source: Licence: Public Domain

Published by W. Daza under Public Domain

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