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Human Microphones

A human microphone, also known as the people’s microphone, is a means for delivering a speech to a large group of people, wherein persons gathered around the speaker repeat what the speaker says, thus “amplifying” the voice of the speaker without the need for amplification equipment.

The speaker begins by saying “mic check”. When the people near the speaker respond “mic check”, the speaker knows they have the group’s attention. The speaker says a short phrase, part of a speech, and then pauses. Those that can hear what the speaker has said repeat the phrase in unison, and when finished, the speaker says another phrase, then pauses again waiting for a response, etc., until the speaker’s speech is complete.

If the entire gathering still cannot hear the speaker, organizers ask for additional repetitions by those at the limit of earshot. For large gatherings, this may require two or three waves of repetition.

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