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Goguette in Paris (1844).

A Goguette was a singing society in France and Belgium, and its members were called goguettiers. As well as providing venues for informal solo and ensemble singing, goguettes also served as places for drinking, socialising, and recreation. In the early 19th century, goguettes met in the premises of cafés and restauarants, and provide a space for their members (for a small fee) to sing in public or to have their own compositions sung.

A goguette was a place for drinking, singing (both solo and ensemble) and socialising. It tended to draw its members from the locality, and would have a formal structure of committee meetings, officials, minutes etc., as well as social events. Membership was usually open to all – men, women and children, of any social class. Some tended to attract certain types like artists or intellectuals.

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Goguette in Paris (1844).

Goguette in Paris (1844).
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