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WHITE (Observer) white paper; neutral; focus on information available, objective
facts, what is needed, how it can be obtained RED (self, other) fire; warmth; emotions, feelings, intuition, hunches; present
views without explanation, justification BLACK (self, other) stern judge wearing black robe; judgmental; critical; why
something is wrong; logical negative view YELLOW (self, other) sunshine; optimism; logical positive view, looks for benefits,
what’s good
GREEN (self. Other) vegetation; creative thinking, possibilities and hypotheses, new ideas
BLUE (observer) sky; cool, overview, control of process, steps, other hats, chairperson, organiser, thinking about thinking
NOTE: The Six Thinking Hats process was designed primarily to facilitate PARALELL THINKING i.e. a group of people collectively exploring White Hat thinking, then exploring Red Hat thinking etc.
This process is not intended for discussion where individuals represent different hats which can tend towards competitive behaviour and positioning.
The primary aim of the thinking hats is to stretch our ability to consciously think in different ways and from different perspectives, and to diffuse the barriers of rigid right and wrong thought patterns and positioning.
Other tools for solve, analysis and evaluation will be introduced throughout the course.

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