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Crossed Pair Interviews

To start a meeting in medium to large size groups, crossed-paired interviews can be a powerful way to check-in, break the ice and energize participants.

In Crossed Pair Interviews, participants are standing in a large room where they can move freely and have to  find a conversation partner while a facilitator gives a question shaped to be powerful (see Powerful transformative questions). Participants have one minute to interview each other and listen to each other’s answer to the question. After one minute, everyone has to switch and find another partner in the group and the facilitator gives another question for participants to answer. This can last 10-15 minutes before moving onto something else.

Question can be personal (“you are the sky, which color are you?”, “If you had to live on an island and take only one object, what would it be ?”, “tell the other person something you believe and never told her/anyone”) or more focussed on the topic of the day (“tell one thing your think would improve this project”).

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