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Teleworking in the spirit of coworking and (re)learning collaborative modes of consumption through practice and travel. CoWoSlowTourism is a mix between holiday and work, travelling and taking time to stay in local places. Work and play have never really gone together, yet nothing is more sustainable than acting willingly rather than by obligation.

The idea is to complete a task in a given amount of time (project) by teleworking from “third places,” which through their unique and specific characteristics add creativity and originality to the final product.

It is based on existing and emerging concepts such as:

-Coworking: teleworking…but more,

-Slow Tourism: travel and encounters are part of work and the project,

-Collaborative Consumption: do better, with less, be free and sustainable!

The more a person feels isolated and overwhelmed, the less productive and creative their work will be. The idea of having and encouraging trust in a project rather than in a time sheet is, without a doubt, one of the major social benefits of this concept. The “inevitable” approach of collaborative modes of consumption is a key element of this concept: real encounters, real exchanges of ideas, real discoveries, and real savings (as well).

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