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Coloured Running Event

Inspired by Holi, the indian festival of colours, Coloured Running events are an event series and 5 km paint race that takes place in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The untimed event has no winners or prizes, but runners are showered with colored powder at stations along the run.

Runners begin dressed in clean white t-shirts, and pass through a color station once every kilometer. Each color station is associated with a different color, with volunteers blasting the runners with dyed cornstarch out of spray bottles. Runners complete the course covered in the safe and colorful powder. At the finish line following the untimed run, there are typically celebrations featuring a dance party and food vendors.

This event formats has also been use to raise playds for charity.

The format seems successful and generated several variants (Color Run, Color Me Rad, Color Vibes) but they seems to be organized by for-profit event companies and not by communities, and some have attracted negative criticism, for example in The Color Run some participants were upset to learn that all proceeds weren’t given to charity.

However this format is fairly easy to copy and can be easily organized by any running community with little means.

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