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Changemaker Bootcamp

Changemaker Bootcamp is a space for changemakers in the San Francisco Bay Area — people trying to make positive change in their companies, communities, and the world — to practice the skills they need to work effectively in groups.

It consists of six weekly two-hour sessions. Each bootcamp is limited to 12 participants.

Participants come to bootcamp with specific projects where they are trying to make change. These could be from work or something they’re pursuing on their own. They work out in a safe environment with other great changemakers, then they practice on their own with their projects that same week. The weekly format allows participants to integrate what they’ve practiced immediately into their work and to receive regular feedback, both of which increase the likelihood that what they’re learn will stick.

Participants practice skills for collective leadership, which will help them work successfully in any group context, from small teams or large networks. Specific skills include:

Asking generative questions
Strategic doing
Listening and synthesizing actively and in real-time
Navigating group dynamics and difficult conversations
Designing and facilitating group engagements
Working transparently

Changemaker Bootcamp is about practice, not teaching. You learn by doing, and you benefit from the collective wisdom of all the participants, not just the trainer

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