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Applied Improvisation

Applied Improvisation is an approach that puts the principles and techniques of improvisational theater to work in non-theatrical venues such as corporations, academic institutions, organizations, and professional groups.

Through participating in improv exercises and games, participants develop vital professional skills. It is a part of the growing international wave of nontraditional, arts-based educational programs being used to help people become better at—and happier with—what they do.

Improv has a set of “games” and “exercises”. It is quite possible for both trained actors to become “applied improv” trainers and facilitators, as well as facilitators with no formal acting or performance training to also lead “improv” sessions. “Improv” seems to have created a fusion of teachers, trainers, actors and theatremakers. Applied “improv” usually involves doing things with groups of people.

Improv is an aspect of improvisation. Improvisation, of course, is a very broadly applicable concept, way beyond “improv”. Improvisation is often about being “in the moment”, being “present”. It has roots in eastern religious practices, in meditative states, in creativity, and in various forms of movement, invention, thinking approaches, and art.

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