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Agile Business Meeting

A business meeting format inspired by Scrum/Agile methods.


  • First, start your next meeting by designating three roles: Facilitator, (In real Scrum, this role should be the “Scrum Master,”),  “Product Owner,” the person who defines what qualifies as the “deliverable.” Scrum has very few rules, but one is that the Facilitator (Scrum Master) cannot also be the Product Owner. The third role is the team, and that’s everyone else.
  • Second, start your next meeting with the Facilitator helping the group establish working agreements. 
  • Third, set a schedule. 
  • Fourth, start each iteration with a big countdown clock, visible to everyone — and start it
  • Fifth, do the work to get to “done.” 
  • Sixth, end the iteration when the clock times out. 
  • Seventh, after the break, start with a five-minute “retro” on what worked and didn’t work in the last meeting.

Note: this can be combined with standing meeting to keep it short and dynamic (people can move around).

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