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Open Social Innovation

Inspired by the four freedoms of free software, Open social innovation aims to document social innovation practices as “free/libre recipes” to make them visible, usable, copyable, and improvable.

Open Social Innovation and free/libre recipes

Open social innovation propose to describe/document social innovation practices in the form of a free/libre recipes inspired by the four freedoms of free software.

The free/libre recipes , “source code” of our social innovation are an implementation of the will to share, mutualize, spread and improve the “how-to” of our initiatives

Like cooking recipes, we try to describe the how-to, the ingredients, the tools, and what gets produced. By sharing recipes with others, we can improve our the recipes together or create local variants.

Like free/libre software we are in a spirit of sharing:

  • show/make visible: no fabrication secret, the recipe is conceived to be seen and used by as many people as possible
  • allow reuse: document the tips, tricks, the difficulties to facilitate reuse
  • allow copy: the recipe is published under a free licence to allow the largest diffusion
  • improve the recipe: by trials, local adaptation, the recipes gets refined, adapted to places, cultural contexts

Social practices have already been documented and shared in the past. However open social innovation provides a new conceptual framework to implement at large scale the will to share, mutualize, spread and improve the “how-to” of the best social initiatives for thrivability.

More about Open social innovation, as a new intellectual framework to facilitate the sharing of social practices.

Open Social Innovation: open-sourcing social innovation to promote sharing of sustainable social practices.

Inspired by & working with:

Bretagne CreativeMoviLab, Imagination for People, Outils-Reseaux


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