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Free/Libre Recipes

The aim of Free/Libre recipes is to become a “source code” for social innovation and to provide enough tools and “ingredients” to allow social practices to be copied, reused and improved.

In software, the source code tells the machine how to run the program. In Open Social Innovation, free/libre recipes provide a documentation to tell people and groups how to reproduce a social practice.

In practice this is not a simple thing. There are difficulties in documenting social practices and make them spread elsewhere. Notions of subjectivity and cultural context matters.

 How can we provide a recipe that encompass both some objectives and subjectives aspect of the practice.  We could try to have cold & warm knowledge, descriptive &storytelling, text & multimedia… There is still debate about what should be documented into a recipe (See the work of the French Network working on free/libre recipes).

These questions are still open and are likely to evolve over time. Right now we are trying to collect documentation on practices and if possible find a free/libre version that allow any reuse.

This recipe can be in any format (web page, PDF, google doc, …).

In addition to this recipe, we are trying try to transfer some recipes on GitHub as a way to foster sharing and improvement of the recipes using Stigmergic Collaboration.

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