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Co-Creative is a free/libre library documenting unusual meeting and gathering formats to inspire the design of more creative meetings and new software pathways. 

Co-creative is a sub-project part of an open research projet to identify patterns and build a pattern language and encompasses a wide range of topics : facilitation methods, cooperative games, agile methods, business meeting formats, artistic flash mob, traditional celebrations, design, collaborative tools, architecture and place making, the central theme being group collaboration formats for creative purpose.
Co-Creative  aims to:

  • document and make visible social innovation and encourage other to do the same
  • promote the concept of open social innovation and encourage groups to produce and share free/libre recipes
  • favor cross-pollination of creative practices between various fields of knowledge and communities
  • be an experiment in open stigmergic cooperation
  • support and nourish the commons. The project use a free licence that allow any reuse proving (1) the source is cited and (2) any derivative material use the same licence.

This library is in permanent beta: this work is provided to you hoping it will be useful, but please note it is an evolving body of knowledge and the content might not be accurate or up to date.

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